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Changes your brow or lash color by adding depth and adds the illusion of thickness and dimension.  Also, a great year-round choice for those who don’t want to apply make up while at the pool, on vacation, working out, and all the busy adventures life has to offer.  Usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Lash Tint $34

Brow Tint $24

Lash Lift

A lash lift is a semi-permanent procedure that gives you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes without the use of any leave-on chemicals or extensions.  The natural lashes are boosted from the root, giving them a naturally  lengthened and lifted appearance.

Lash Lift $80

Lash Lift & Tint $98

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is almost like a perm for your eyebrows, similar to the well known lash lift treatment.  They are both ways of enhancing what you already have by manipulating the hairs with chemicals.  Often paired with a brow tint for a bolder enhance look.

Brow Lamination and Wax $80

Brow Lamination, Wax, and Tint $90

Hybrid Brow Tint

Is an innovative gel dye with similar intense and long lasting effects as Henna.  It is highly pigmented, stains sparse brows and suits most skin types.  It can give a dramatic or natural look, with 7 colors to mix together for your perfect match.  Hybrid Brow tint has no Ammonia.  It lasts approximately 7 days on the skin and 7 weeks on the hairs (low maintenance dreams).  Results vary and depend on various individual factors.

Hybrid Brow Tint $35

Sunna Smile Teeth Whitening

Sunna Smile is an LED-activated teeth whitening system.  It is safe on enamel, protects gums, causes little to no sensitivity, is a registered natural health product and on top of all that, it is cost effective.  One Sunna Smile session is the equivalent in whitening power to 50 tubes of whitening toothpaste, 25 dental whitening syringes, and 5 packages of strips.  Natural ingredients, pain free, enamel safe, removes stains, fights bacteria & gingivitis, re-mineralizes teeth, tooth friendly xylitol, removes plaque.

Teeth Whitening $89

Ear Piercing

We use the Studex piercing system to ensure safety and hygiene.  All Studex piercing earrings are either Gold Plated, Silver Plated, or Stainless Steel and are all hypoallergenic (nickel-safe, lead free, cadmium free, and cobalt free.) Each set comes sealed and sterilized.

Lower lobe piercing only (Ages 5 & up) $18 plus cost of Studex earrings which range from $9 to $22.

Ear Candling

An alternative therapy that draws out impurities and wax from the inner ear canal.  

Ear Candling $58

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